One very important project for me is the little start-up I started with my best friend Dörthe. We know each other already since 1978, back from the good old Kindergarden times and our friendship deepened through the years. So – being an adult now (sometimes ;)) we thought that it’d be nice to build up a little business together. And as we are both creative people, we came up with an idea in just one intensive brainstorming-weekend. And so YOU BOX was born! Yeay! YOU BOX is a blog & shop website, where you can read about personal challenges of adults and a webshop where you can buy personal themed gift-boxes as solutions / helpers for these everyday challenges we all have to master. Check out our website for more information or follow us on facebook or instagram!

One day, I was so annoyed about all the hate and negativity in the social media that I thought that it would be necessary to do something about it. I realised that discussing things with people, who are very angry, is often not the best idea, especially if they can’t discuss objectively, and just insult people instead. Just ignoring them can’t be the answer I thought, these people have to get a message, that their behaviour isn’t cool. And so the idea of „Herz gegen Hass“ came up. Countering  bad tempered peoples‘ hate with a positiv heart an some love instead of faceing them with also hate is the mission of „Herz gegen Hass“. Spreading love against hate is in my opinion the only way to destroy negativity. Try it out! You find more information on the website or on the facebook page.

As many of my friends know, I love my flat and my office, especially the view. I am a big fan of views, where you can see a lot of sky. I think that the sky is so amazing, it never looks the same and it changes into the most beautiful formations a few times an hour. I could spend hours just watching the sky … and therefore I also love to take photos of special cloud formations and post them on facebook. As I thought that maybe not all my friends are that keen on seeing all these pics, I created an own page, where I can post as many pics of the sky as I want without the feeling to annoy anyone. So if you are also a sky-lover, please feel free to like my „Sky of Düsseldorf“ fanpage on Facebook. It will never be boring, I promise!