Since January 2014 I work as a selfemployed designer and I have to say, I absolutely love to work for my own clients. It’s basicaly the best thing that happened to me – jobwise. Maybe it is so cool, because I have only very friendly people I work with or maybe it is the kind of freedom which makes me more happy. Probably both…! So, I wouldn’t change anymore for a job in advertising agencies or in big companies, although I am very thankful for the experiences I got from there.

Here is a list of most of the clients I worked for since 2014, I am very thankful for having the chance to work with them:

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Thanks very much, I really appreciate it!


An important thing to define before starting a new project is to speak about prices. I am a friend of having it all clear and transparent and defined before starting, so that no misunderstandings can happen. It’s a bit egoistic, but I like harmony. 🙂

Questions like „what does a logo cost?“ are quite hard to answer, as there is a big difference between making a small redesign of an old logo with having to do only a few tweeks or creating a full logo including finding a name and developing a whole brand story with a corporate design. So, it all depends on the clients needs and is therefore quite individual.

What I can tell you exactly, is that my hourly rate is 100 € (plus VAT). 

I prefer just to track the time and write down the hours I have worked for you (you can trust me, I am very honest in this!). But if you have to know the rough total costs, I can estimate the time I need and send you a quote.  In that case we have to have a proper briefing meeting defining all content and to dos.

The easiest way is, just to call me on 0049 171 7156330 and we can talk about it.